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Very often it is the little things that make for a well decorated room, but that perfect accessory may be the most difficult to find. Lighting (lamps, pendants, chandeliers, etc.) fall into to that category in a big way, particularly if you have something in mind. While that perfect lamp may not be readily available on a store shelf, there is a place where the fixture you imagine can be made to order. You can create your own work of art (with lots of design & technical advise from Peter) at Filament Lighting. This studio is located at 1100 S. La Brae in Los Angeles, CA. 90019. You might want to call 323-935-7636 or go on line at www.filamentlightingla.com for store hours, directions and to view a photo gallery of their creations. Filament has sources for Murano vases, porcelain  and other glassware that can be fashioned into beautiful, one of a kind light fixtures.


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